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Below you will find information on how I work with clients. Do you consider implementing a sustainable development strategy? Are you preparing yourself for a call for tenders or ESG certification? Maybe you dream about an unique EVP for your start-up or it’s time to audit your suppliers? Whatever the case - contact me, so we can discuss the details.

Zrównoważony rozwój i CSR

Sustainable development and CSR

Create a strategy that connects business processes, social-economic challenges and stakeholders expectations. Obtain competitive advantage and customer loyalty.

Łańcuch dostaw

Supply chain

Choose a strategy with a supply chain audit. Minimize risks, influence the environment positively and increase your profitability thanks to standards of ethical behaviour.

ESG - inwestowanie odpowiedzialne społecznie

ESG - socially responsible investing

Choose a ESG strategy, influence your rating positively and get your investors interested. Build your position in indexes and increase your chance for an ESG-linked loan.

Dialog z interesariuszami

Dialogue with stakeholders

Start a dialogue with employees, clients or investors, gain knowledge and turn it into profitability of processes and your whole business.

Odpowiedzialna sprzedaż

Responsible selling

Choose a strategy and a check-up of experiences and service standards if you want your clients to come back or recommend you further. Gain your customers satisfaction and loyalty for years to come.

Raportowanie niefinansowe

Non-financial reporting

Choose transparency. Building a CSR report effectively and enriching it with a communication strategy will help you gain credibility and increase indexes of reputation.

Employer branding z elementami CSR

Employer branding with CSR elements

Choose a strategy which connects CSR and HR processes with branding. Gain an unique EVP and increase your employees satisfaction as well as new talents for your company.

Start-up pozytywnego wpływu

Positive influence start-up

I have started a start-up myself, so I know the lights and shadows. Exchange local and global challenges into a sustainable business and shift your idea into a long-term success.


Practical knowledge to be used in the organization

If you or your team are looking for knowledge and inspiration, check my online courses. If you find something interesting feel free to contact me. If you are looking for something more personalised - write to me about your needs and I will create a course for your needs.



I offer you measurable and fit-for-your-purposes cooperation to help you find the right answers for specific business life issues.


My brand archetype is a combination of the creator and the wiseman figures. The first one creates strategies, products and solutions, while the other believes that the clients will tell about accomplishments and the power of cooperation the best.

Raben Group

„Solutions that were offered by Łukasz Smolarek inspire to look for possibilities of improvements for the whole Raben Group.”

Jakub Krzewina,
CSR & Internal Communication Manager
Raben Group
Concordia Ubezpieczenia SA

„It’s my pleasure to recommend the cooperation with Łukasz Smolarek in terms of strategic CSR consultancy and social engagement.”

Kinga Borecka,
Head Office of Marketing and PR
Concordia Ubezpieczenia SA
Volkswagen Poznań

„Choosing Łukasz Smolarek as an exterior CSR consultant was a very good and accurate decision.”

Patrycja Kasprzyk,
Specialist in coordinating communication and compliance
Volkswagen Poznań

„Łukasz Smolarek’s projects were supporting our business goals as well as competitiveness in sustainable development”

Krzysztof Radke.
Boutique and marketing manager

„Thanks to Łukasz’s individual approach I can fully confirm his understanding of our needs”

Joanna Karlik-Knocińska
Karlik's CEO

I help my clients to face the challenges of the changing world and also discover the potential of holistic view on human needs as well as our planet’s possibilities.

Łukasz Smolarek
Responsible business strategist and values ​​leadership mentor
Together we can more
Łukasz Smolarek

Contact me and let’s discuss the details

If you think about CSR strategy, courses, responsible selling, ESG analysis, audit of your suppliers, dialogue with stakeholders, code of ethics, CSR report or you want me to be part of your conference, call me or write me an email.

+48 514 150 412 write to me –

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