I offer you an authentic, measurable and fit-for-your-purposes cooperation filled with different techniques of shaping, process analysis, active listening and constructive feedback. Those will help you find the right answers for specific business life issues.


I can help you find your potential, release the self-agency, creativity and confidence, which will allow you to solve your business problems faster and more effectively. I will teach you new skills, encourage you to embrace changes and competence development. I will stimulate your self-reflection, help you rationalize your accomplishments and motivate you to show courage in communication, strategy management, team building, risk forecasting or process analysis.

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You will obtain specific skills, techniques and tools that will allow you to build effectiveness and personal, business, team or product brand competitiveness. You will gain knowledge on how to analyze and change processes, manage through values, inspire changes, mend trends with strategy and encourage brave innovations. You will be capable of developing talents, customer’s loyalty and employee engagement and building efficient strategies of sustainable growth.

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Sessions in practice

• Speed-session takes 1h - getting to know your challenge, problem, recognizing the scope of support.
• Reflection-session takes 2h - preliminary challenge diagnosis, showing possible solutions and recommendations for change.
• Mentoring-session takes min. 1 month (4 meetings 2h each) - determining development goals, strategic goals or transformation plans.
• Mentoring-program takes min. 3 month - monitoring support in as-we-go system, which allows meeting your long-term goals for personal, business or team brand.

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Mentoring subjects

Below you will find the general scope of subjects I can help you with:

1 Leadership based on values

2 Responsible leader (competences, behavior and communication)

3 Leader self-awareness (vision, planning, strategy)

4 Sustainable development strategies and CSR

5 Managing processes (modeling and optimization)

6 Diversity management

7 Responsible selling (vision, standards, communication)

8 Public appearance (techniques and methods)

9 CSR communication (internal and external)

10 Stakeholder dialogue



„I am happy to recommend cooperation with Łukasz Smolarek as a manager with a strategic view on corporate social responsibility”

Łukasz Tyrol, Krajowy Lider Sportu Turystyka-Trekking
Drużyna Szpiku

„I recommend Łukasz Smolarek as a person and specialist in his trade”

Dorota Raczkiewicz, CEO of Anna Wierska Foundation
Drużyna Szpiku

„Choosing Łukasz Smolarek as a host and moderator of the workshops I consider a very good decision”

Małgorzata Jarosz-Drygalska, Communication and Image Specialist
Kimball Electronics Poland

„Engaged and creative! I recommend cooperation”

Marek Banaszak, Head of New Media Education Department
CDV w Poznaniu

Many small and big business have trusted me, including:


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