CSR -Positive Change Leader

Training Description

During this training or coaching session you will learn about a process of how to build a brand of a positive change leader in 5 stages. You will learn how emotions, authenticity and partnership influence the engagement of your team members. You will discover the clients perspective and retrospective forces that fuel communication. The creative workshop or coaching sessions will be led in experience projecting methodology. Iterations that will follow one another as well as simulations of different influences (climate change, water crisis, ecological challenges and so on) will help you to understand the new style in management.


For who?

To owners of companies, start-ups, CEOs, managers of all levels, PR and e-PR experts, bloggers, vloggers, communication specialists and other professionals who believe that responsible leadership, quality of management and communication is measured by the positive economical, social and environmental influence.

Available options:

• 1:1 sessions
• workshop

What will you gain?

You want to learn more about what I teach? No problem. Below you can find my assurances.

You will learn about 5 stages of building a brand of a positive change leader.

You will learn about 10 competences of a positive change leader that will help you succeed.

You will learn about 10 behaviours of customers that influence the effectiveness of CSR projects.

You will learn about 5 advantages that come from the management of volunteers’ engagement.

You will learn about 5 techniques of communication that will delight the Board, investors and employees.

You will learn about the cycle of managing stakeholders’ experience.

You will learn how to implement Sustainable Development Goals into CSR strategy.

You will learn how to build a personal brand that is based on values, passion and authenticity.

More trainings

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+48 514 150 412 Write or call me – biuro@whiteleaf.pl

Why should you read this blog?

You will find here answers to many questions e.g.: How to adapt business to climate change? How to support the Sustainable Development Goals? Why do responsible leaders focus on diversity? And how to build responsible growth strategies?

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