Chain of supplies

If you look for the best way to evaluate chances and hazards in your supply chain, but you lack the knowledge of: how to prepare a code for suppliers and later verify their approach towards sustainable development, ethics, standards of work, environment or safety then the services below are for you. Gain points during tenders as well as when you will be the one being verified.

Code for suppliers

I can compile the code of conduct for suppliers, which will be inspired by national and international standards. I will formulate precise, ethical regulations that will ensure that your subcontractors follow your values.

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Review of social and ethical standards

I can conduct for you or your supplier a complete review with an analysis of social, ethical and environmental standards in a supply chain. Based on dialogue, interviews, visits and documentation I can help you to define hypothetical lacks and areas of risk, prepare for the audit and create a management plan that will be compliant with good practices.

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Consulting by the hour

If you would like to consult a chosen standard for your supplier, ensure professional consulting or create a procedure for a proper reaction to discrepancies yet you don’t know where to begin with, I am offering a collaboration in the form of a subscription. You give a specific number of hours you need, together we decide on the scope, contact form (1:1 sessions, on-line consultation, e-mails) and payments, and I provide tools, ideas and solutions for you and your team.

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My assurances

Do you want to know more on how our cooperation will look like? Not a problem. Below you can find details on what I provide.

1 We can meet face-to-face and have a cup of coffee or online.

2 You define what? and for when? while I advise on how? and why?

3 Together we define all the details (scope, form and deadlines).

4 I communicate with people, since I find them the most important part of everything.

5 I introduce you to the first conclusions of the White Leaf Point of View.

6 Our work is gaining momentum. We create!

7 We follow the trends, we gain from practices and innovations.

8 We shape the strategy, plan and project.

9 We consult the ideas with the Board and Management.

10 Voilà! We can show the world the final effect.

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If you think about CSR strategy, courses, responsible selling, ESG analysis, audit of your suppliers, dialogue with stakeholders, code of ethics, CSR report or you want me to be part of your conference, call me or write me an email.

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