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Training Description

Responsible selling must be based on dialogue with clients, which is why during this training or coaching sessions you will learn about a model of responsible seller competences containing 6 stages. You will learn what misseling is, how to use selling techniques and strengthen customer experience. You will learn how to envision the client's perspective based on a simulation of needs, financial possibilities and knowledge.


For who?

To the owners of companies, start-ups, CEOs, managers of all levels, estate agents, insurance agents, marketing specialists and selling experts as well as other professionals in selling. To all people for whom ethical selling, increasing quality of service and dialogue with clients are part of everyday business.

Available options:

• 1:1 sessions
• workshop

What will you gain?

You want to learn more about what I teach? No problem. Below you can find my assurances.

You will learn about 10 techniques of responsible selling.

You will learn about 10 trends related to Customer Journey Map.

You will learn 5 effective techniques of self presentation and work in front of a camera.

You will learn how to build Customer Journey Map and MVP.

You will learn about how the ethics of selling influences loyalty and customers decisions.

You will learn how to build a brand of responsible seller.

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You will find here answers to many questions e.g.: How to adapt business to climate change? How to support the Sustainable Development Goals? Why do responsible leaders focus on diversity? And how to build responsible growth strategies?

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