Swedish 'lagom' is the key to sustainable development

Time and time again, new phenomena, ideas or ideas become fashionable. For several months now, there has been a lot of talk in Poland about 'hygge', i.e. the Danish model of happiness, enjoying the moment, slow life and creating positive interiors, moments and emotions.

This concept was popularized in Poland through two publications: "Hygge. The Key to Happiness" by Meik Wiking and "Hygge. The Danish Art of Happiness" by Marie Tourell Soderberg. Both books successfully became a hit in many bookstores. The popularity of the idea of ​​'hygge' is undoubtedly evidenced by the fact that the word was recognized as one of the words of the year by the prestigious British Collins dictionary.

Swedish lagom or Danish hygge?

Scandinavian fashion continues its expansion  - no matter if it's about cuisine, design or lifestyle. What's more, more Scandinavian things become trendy, because apart from the Danish 'hygge', the Swedish 'lagom' is also getting louder and louder. There is no direct equivalent of this word in Polish. Depending on the context, it means: the right amount - not too much, not too little. Lagom is just as much as it should be, enough. The concept of lagom may be something new for us non-Swedes. However, it has been an integral part of Swedish culture and way of life for many years. The point is not to take too much, not to waste, not to harm our planet, but also not to live in asceticism, not to completely give up what you like and love. In short, the idea is to enjoy life in a sensible and moderate manner and only take as much as we actually need. Not more. Simple isn't it?

Sustainable thinking every day

Why am I writing this? Because in the context of sustainable development and environmental awareness, the lagom philosophy is something worth paying attention to. It can be a simple solution with great potential to change people's consciousness without having to revolutionize their way of life. It is simply about moderation and common sense, starting with the management of food, energy, water and waste. Being lagom can start in your home, and often simple solutions will become a wise answer to the problems of today's world in the context of environmental protection and sustainable development.

If I say “Sweden”, a lot of people will think: “IKEA”. The origin matters, because this blue-yellow giant promotes its native philosophy of lagom. LIVE LAGOM - this is the name of the IKEA project, which aims to understand the challenges and benefits of more sustainable household management. By using IKEA products, project participants are looking for practical ways to save energy and water, wise waste management and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Moderation counts

The Swedes say "Lagom är bäst", which means - in free translation - the best is the right amount. The Scandinavians prove that this is the secret to a sustainable lifestyle. However, they do not claim a monopoly on such a point of view, on the contrary - they are happy to share it with others. Ready to take on this challenge?

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