ERGO Hestia is one of the top 3 insurance companies in Poland. The Group ERGO Hestia is made of two companies: STU ERGO Hestia SA and STU na Życie ERGO Hestia SA. 2.73 millions of individual clients as well as small, medium and big businesses trusted ERGO Hestia.


CSR Strategy

I have conducted an audit of processes in social, environmental, place of work and market areas as well as prepared a concept of CSR strategy for years 2019-2020.

Dialogue sessions with stakeholders

99% brokers and insurance agents who have participated in dialogue sessions recommend the way I conduct the meetings.

Audit of suppliers

I have conducted the audit of a crucial supplier in terms of ESG criteria and I have prepared recommendations for changes in such areas as the natural environment and place of work.

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