Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an integral part of our company. We are socially engaged. We support smart ideas for the common good. As a result, we build the value of our brand and support the development of the entire market advisory services.

Access to knowledge (A2K) is the main driving force behind White leaf’s CSR strategy. We believe that equality of access to knowledge plays a key role in the development of societies. 

Therefore, in the years 2015-2018 we will focus on active problem solving in this matter. Our goal is to be an expert and mentor always when multidisciplinary, local knowledge comes into contact with global practices. We mean to achieve this aim by using our journalistic background, management experience and scientific approach. It’s all because:


We like CSR!

We are passionate about it. As a result, it’s not only our business idea but rather an honest belief that being responsible is a good choice. Success which is not shared with others is a failure.

We have
a feeling for CSR!

We also feel responsible for how our business impacts the environment. All relations with our partners, communities and customers are based on our values: responsibility, respect, dialogue and courage. Ethics is not a taboo subject for us.

We promote CSR!

We are happy to support, educate and improve the concept of corporate social responsibility. We promote fair operating practices in daily business activities. We talk about this fascinating concept in the media, at Polish universities, in schools and during various conferences.

We are
improving CSR!

We believe that this is a process of continuous self-improvement which leads to us acting in a consistent and socially responsible way.

We share
the idea of CSR!

An obvious consequence of our actions is the exchange and dissemination of best practices in corporate social responsibility. Therefore we consistently support dialogue between various market participants. Good solutions are of benefit for us all. This is why we promote them widely.

Eco-friendly CSR!

We manage our environmental impact. Whenever possible, we shift from driving a car to cycling or public transport. We don’t sit by candlelight but we consume electricity wisely. We print on both sides of paper and use water intelligently. As car drivers we always follow safe and environmentally friendly driving practices.


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