Doradztwo strategiczne

Strategic consulting can be defined as a process of supporting management directions – a process which is unique for a given company, organisation or individual. Its essence is to develop and implement an appropriate strategy to ensure that these entities achieve success in terms of their finances as well as their position on the market, in the society and in the environment.

In reality, strategic consulting assumes the form of supporting a company’s managerial staff in order to take decisions which adjust and prepare the organisation for specific market challenges and requirements. Strategic consulting is also an answer to the challenge posed by the need to predict and draw conclusions over a long period of time.

Constituents of strategic consulting

The notion of strategic consulting is inextricably linked with building corporate social responsibility. The CSR strategy – just like any other business strategy – is based on strategic support, management and planning. Every document which is comprehensive, superior and unique in character includes the so-called constituents which in turn are pillars of future solutions in terms of the entire organisation. Speaking about strategic consulting, we therefore support companies, organisations and individuals in coming to understand the following:

  • Market trends as well as social, economic and cultural trends,
  • The area of law and regulations,
  • Political changes,
  • The dynamics of entire communities as well as chosen groups of influence,
  • Norms and customs in terms of the values of the given country, region or subregion,
  • Cultural differences,
  • Demographic changes,
  • Technological changes and trends.

Support at the level of the organisation

Building strategic solutions in a company or organisation demands that their employees co-operate at every level of management. A crucial element of the process is the unity and synergy of action centred around the most important task or goal. There are many directions and forms of strategic management (the strategies of horizontal integration, diversification, survival, the development of the market, product or service, CSR, HR, communication, the management of change, risk and so on). Regardless of the kind of support and applied policy the priority is always to set out strategic, tactical and operational goals. They support business and facilitate measuring the efficiency of the adopted solutions; they also ensure long-term functioning for companies, organisations and individuals in the market.


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