We offer comprehensive guidance at all levels of the organisation. We support companies, organisations and individuals in building comprehensive CSR strategies.


We manage communication at every stage of the organization by using both proven and innovative tools. We know how to effectively create a message to achieve desired business results.


We offer a range of training programmes in fields related to CSR standards, latest trends, proven solutions and innovative management techniques of sustainable development.

Research & analysis

We use effective data analysis techniques for market, society, workplace, trend as well as competitor research in order to increase the overall effectiveness of your organisation. All thanks to best standards and consistent work methodology.


The main advantage of undertaking this postgraduate study at Collegium Da Vinci in Poznan is a program built on the experience of practitioners and managers who deal with social responsibility on a daily basis. The program effectively responds to current and future market needs, in line with the global and European trends in the field of CSR and sustainable development - says Lukasz Smolarek, managing director of White leaf.

The course is aimed primarily at people who want to become CSR leaders and who wish to deepen their knowledge and develop workshop tools related to strategic management. CSR Management is also an ideal choice for those seeking practical solutions for any socially engaged project, HR challenges and communication problems.

The biggest advantage of postgraduate studies is practical approach, which provides a solid base for the implementation of the problems of CSR and allows direct contact with people who professionally deal with this area in their organizations - says Lidia Radziszewska, director of the Centre for the Development of Education in the Collegium Da Vinci.

Click the link to find out why CSR Management is the direction you should take for your postgraduate studies: CSR Management (sorry, this information is currently available only in Polish.)


I edycja studiów podyplomowych CSR Management wystartowała

Created: 15 November 2016
W listopadzie ruszyła I edycja studiów podyplomowych CSR Management na Collegium Da Vinci w Poznaniu. Łukasz Smolarek, dyrektor zarz...

Business Mixer 2016

Created: 13 June 2016
On June 10, 2016 a Business Mixer conference was held in Poznań, Poland. It was an event, which aims at discussing the challenges and experiences in the field of corporate social responsibility. The meeting was organized by Collegium Da Vinci and White leaf....

10 popular CSR myths debunked

Created: 03 June 2016
Łukasz Smolarek, managing director of White leaf held an open lecture to students at the Collegium Da Vinci in Poznań with the topic: "Let's speak openly and separate CSR from all the myths".

CSR Management now open for registration

Created: 17 May 2016
CSR Management postgraduate studies will be offered at the Collegium Da Vinci in October 2016. The objective of the CSR Management is to educate and promote CSR amongst our future leaders.

Business Mixer - a new CSR initiative

Created: 17 May 2016
White leaf and Collegium Da Vinci are jointly organising a Business Mixer meeting for representatives of companies and business organisations who are engaged in CSR activities.
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